If you are looking for a resilient business card, soft touch laminate will surely deliver. The front sides of these cards are coated with a stylish laminate that is resistant to grease and moisture, making it ideal for businesses where the cards might come into contact with them. The soft touch coating is also scratch and scuff resistant, so these business cards are ideal for businesses on the move.

This durable coating makes soft touch laminate cards ideal for service companies that want to show off their focus on quality. From food service and catering businesses to pool services and landscape design, soft touch business cards are a durable option that still offers plenty of style.

And High End Luxury
But soft touch business cards aren’t just durable: they’re luxurious, too. With a velvety soft texture, the soft touch laminated coating adds a touch of opulence your customers can literally touch and feel. This tactile coating is sure to set their business card apart for every client that feels it.

The soft touch coating also creates a matte appearance – in fact, you’ll sometimes see soft touch laminate referred to as “ultra matte” – that lets your customer’s design shine through.

With Style
Of course, durable and luxurious coating isn’t the only reason your customers would choose a business card. They want a business card that is as good looking as it is luxurious, and the full color print we use with our soft touch laminated cards gives them the flexibility to use almost any image on their cards, from photographs to company logos. If your customers are looking for more personalization potential, they can add back print to their cards for even more information.

Where Can You Find Them?
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