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A few ideas.

1. Basic “floating” shelves with no visible brackets or supports.  Three shelves creating 4- 18” spaces for storage. – $300

2. Two floating shelves and a bottom drawer (1 large or 2 small drawers) – $425

3. Slideout shelf – would be hung like a floating shelf but will be thicker and have a drawer that pulls out. – $175 ea.

All made with pine wood. Upgrade to a nicer wood – ash, elm, oak, hickory. Price TBD



36” wide X 82” tall (approx) $225 each door.  Doesn’t include sliding door hardware.

Many possibilities for patterns. If we get into a mosaic pattern on each, cost will be a little higher.




Basic “breadboard” top – $225

Add a matching base with shiplap or farmhouse style accents. Shelves on the inside, open back. – $225


Concrete Bar Top – $350

Many colors available. Can also integrate larger aggregate and polish to expose that for a nice look.  Or leave it a solid monotone color.

Corrugated barn steel base wrapped around stick framing and shelves on inside – $325


Live Edge Wood Top with Epoxy “river” – $475

Elm wood and your choice of color for the “river”.

Base for top can me made from wood ($225) or welded steel frame ($350) with a shelf for storage

Or a wood frame wrapped with barn steel $325


Wood top with random engraved honeycomb accents and filled with yellow/gold epoxy – $400

Economical choice is pine wood.  Higher cost would be cherry, walnut, or maple.

This can also be done with a piece of live-edge elm that I have.

Base can have open space on front for a couple seats, open back with shelves, and shelves on the side. – $350


Let me know if you want additional info on any of these to make a decision.



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